How to Add Events

Add Events will only be visible if you have been given the appropriate access.  This access would usually be given to Regional Managers, Managers and Admins.  

The Add Event button is where you can add extra MandatoryRequired or Personal Development courses to a learner's Events.

To start, click the Add Events button. This is positioned in the Top Right Hand Corner of the Events.

Pressing the Add Events button will open the Add Events Modal.

Click in the Select Date field to access the calendar where you can select the Due Date

Select the course you would like your learner to complete by clicking the Add Event Button within the Modal and then click Add to confirm.

(If the course already exists in their Current tab on their Events, you will not be able to add the course again).

Once you have completed this, the New Event will appear on the learner's Current tab.

If you wish to Remove an event you have added, simply click the Delete button on the right hand side of the Events.

(Please note that you will only be able to remove Personal Development Courses) 

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