How to take a Quiz

At the end of every course there is a summary video that leads you into the quiz for the course (Certificates will be generated when you complete a course.  Only those who have access will be able to download the certificates)

The questions will appear at the top of your page

Select your answer/s from the options provided (some questions will need multiple answers, the number of answers required will be displayed above the answers)

When you're happy with your answer/s, select the Next button

If you answer incorrectly, the correct answer/s will be displayed

At the end of the quiz you will be given your score

Before you leave, please give us some feedback!  Once you have given us a star rating, you can enter some comments, then click Submit. (We try to improve learning and experience everyone had of our courses so we would greatly apricate any and all feedback)

(If you fail the quiz you can retake the course, to learn how to Retake a Course, please select this Link)

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