How to edit a Training Record

Editing a Training Record allows you to amend a record that has been manually added to the LMS

The option will only be visible if you have been given the appropriate access. This access is usually given to;  Regional ManagersManagers and Admins 

To start, you will need to select Training Records form the Navigation Bar. Then click Search Records

Enter the user's name and press the search button.  Once you have located your user, press the edit button to amend the record.

You can edit the Date of Training

You can add Notes (this can include notes regarding the training, what was covered within the training etc).

You can also attach a file (this can be a certificate, register or course material)

If you have accidently added a training record for a user, you are able to delete the training record from the system

To learn how to add a training record, view this Article

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