How to create a Certificate Report

The Certificate Report will only be visible if you have been given the appropriate access.  This access would usually be given to Regional Managers, Managers and Admins.  

To start, select Reports from the Navigation Bar. From the drop down you can now click Certificate

In order to generate a Certificate Report, we must first filter by Home, Course/s, and Users in criteria filter at the top of the page.

Select the Home button (you can select multiple homes if you are a Regional Manager or at Head Office)

Next you will need to select the Course button (you can select multiple courses including the pre-selected courses such as Mandatory and Required)

Homes and Courses can be selected using the categories set by Tags that have been created*

Click here to learn more about creating and managing Tags

Finally select the Users button (you can select individual users, multiple users, all users or you can select by job role)

You can select a date range (Optional)

Then select Update Report and it will show the user's who have completed courses within the date range

(if you do not use a date range, the report will bring up all certificates for the courses you have selected)

All Certificates are downloadable by selecting the download icon on the results table. 

This will save a PDF to you computer for you to open.

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