How to view your Events

From the Events, you can access your Events and Personal Compliance Statistics.

Your Personal Compliance Statistics area displays these widgets: 

Mandatory : Required : Combined : Personal Development

To view all the Mandatory courses press the View button under the Mandatory widget.

When you press the View button a Modal will appear showing all Mandatory subjects.  From here you can see details of when the course was last taken, if the course is still in date or if it has expired.  It also lets you take action (ie. run the course).

Mandatory courses are courses that you must run. These are the subjects that are required by CQC.

Required courses are additional courses that organisation require you to run.

Here's an example of Required courses.

The Combined widget shows the combined compliance percentage covering both Mandatory and Required courses.  You need to aim to have these percentages at 100%.

The Personal Development widget shows all courses that are neither Mandatory or Required.  These are additional courses that you have decided to run off your own back.  Your company may view your commitment to your Personal Development favourably if you are seen to take on additional learning.  

Below these widgets, is your Events 

The Events is made up of the Current, Overdue and Completed Tabs

The Current Tab, shows courses that are assigned to you that are not yet completed.

The Overdue Tab shows courses that need to be completed because they are overdue for completion.

The Completed Tab shows courses that have been completed.

This shows all completed courses, whether you have passed or failed.

You are able to Filter the Events Table using the checkboxes available.

For example, deselecting the E-Learning checkbox on the completed tab will only show you courses that have been completed historically, moving a tick from the Mandatory, Required or PD (Personal Development) checkboxes will remove this from your view on your Events.

You can also filter the event table using the search box where you can search for a title of a course you would like to take.

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