How to View the Compliance Report

The Compliance Report will only be visible if you have been given the appropriate access. This access is usually be given to; Regional Managers, Managers and Admins.

To start, you will need to access Reports form the Navigation Bar. Clicking this will give access to the Compliance Report

From here you can select which Homes/Branches you require to view

Click on Homes then you can select All Homes, or you can use your pre-created tags 

Click here to see how to create tags

The same can be done with the Courses. You have a Quick Select already of Mandatory and Required Courses.  You also have the same use of the Tags that have been created.

Once you have done that you can select if you want to see  Mandatory, Required (or as specified differently for your company) courses or a Combined view

Historical Data is only available when looking at Mandatory course view 

Click the Red { - } Button to navigate previous months you wish to view or the Green} Button to navigate forwards towards and up to the current month

You can choose whether or not to Include New Starters or to Group by Tags by toggling these (if you have been given access to the tags feature and have selected an entire tag)

Click the Update Button to lock in your filtered Report (this is automatically done if you are only changing between qualification types)

This report can be exported via PDF (maximum of 15 courses) and Excel  (If in Tag view the export will also be in Tag view)

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